Detergent Mixing Tank 100L Sewage Treatment PE Mixing Drum

Place of Origin China
Brand Name DFspeed
Minimum Order Quantity ≥3 pcs
Price Negotiable
Delivery Time 7 work days
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 500 barrels per day
Product Details
Product Name Liquid Mixing Tank Material Polyethylene Plastic
Shape Cylindrical Application Chemical Processing
Model 100L Color White
Size Dia 460mm, Height 795mm Barrel Weight 10Kg
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Product Description

Detergent mixing tank 100L sewage treatment PE mixing drum

The box has no weld, one-time forming, acid and alkali resistance, collision resistance, high temperature resistance (80 ° C), freezing resistance (- 30 ° C), smooth inside and outside, strong shock resistance, ultraviolet radiation protection, long service life, easy cleaning, convenient installation and movement, and has the advantages of safety, convenience and no maintenance. The mixing and metering pump can be installed on the top of the medicine box to facilitate the mixing and metering of medicine solution. It is applicable to dosing and softening of water treatment and purification equipment, environmental protection, water softening system, dosing system and other industries. Optional accessories of medicine box include mixer and metering pump. The power of mixer ranges from 018kw to 22KW. If you have special design requirements for dosing box, metering box, medicine box, softening water tank, reaction medicine box and other products, please inform us in advance


Liquid Mixing Tank Model Shape Diameter Height Weight KG
Dosing tank MC-1000L Cylinder 1020 1400 25
MC-500L Cylinder 790 1170 16
MC-300L Cylinder 710 980 14
MC-200L Cylinder 580 960 8
MC-100L Cylinder 460 795 4.5
MC-80L Cylinder 460 610 4
MC-40L Cylinder 315 418 2.5
KC-200L Cuboid 565*565 790 12
KC-120L Cuboid 375*430 790 6.5
KC-80L Cuboid 390*340 690 4.5
KC-40L Cuboid 390*340 410 2.5

Detergent Mixing Tank 100L Sewage Treatment PE Mixing Drum 0
Detergent Mixing Tank 100L Sewage Treatment PE Mixing Drum 1