Full Automatic PE Mixing Drum For Industrial Sewage Treatment

Place of Origin China
Brand Name DFspeed
Model Number MC-100L
Minimum Order Quantity ≥ 10 pcs
Price Negotiate
Delivery Time 7 work days
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 500 per every day
Product Details
Product Name Liquid Mixing Tank Material PE
Size 460*460*770 Mm Thickness 5 Mm
Volume 0.16 M² Capacity 100 L
Weight 5 Kg
High Light

Full Automatic PE Mixing Drum


Industrial Sewage Treatment PE Mixing Drum


PAM Liquid Mixing Tank

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Product Description

Full Automatic PE Mixing Drum For Industrial Sewage Treatment


Product introduction
Application of automatic dosing device dosing device is a complete set of equipment integrating dosing, mixing, liquid transportation and automatic control. It is widely used in raw water, boiler feed water, oil field surface gathering and transportation dehydration treatment system of power plant, various dosing systems and wastewater treatment systems of petrochemical industry. Such as adding coagulant, phosphate, ammonia solution, lime water, water quality stabilizer (corrosion inhibitor), scale inhibitor, liquid pesticide, etc. Working structure principle: the dosing device is mainly composed of solution tank, mixing tank (with mixer), metering pump, liquid level gauge, electric control cabinet, pipeline, valve, check valve, pressure gauge, filter, base, ladder, etc. (it can be configured according to the actual requirements of users). The dosing device is prepared in the mixing tank according to the required reagent concentration. After being evenly stirred by the mixer, it is put into the solution tank, and the prepared solution is transported to the dosing point or the designated system by the metering pump (dosing pump). The complete set of dosing device has the characteristics of compact structure, safety and simple operation. The device can also carry out targeted design and configure required components according to the requirements of different process flows of users, so as to realize suitable functions (such as automatic remote control), economy and practicality.


Several advantages of our products
01. High degree of automation and simple operation
02. PE sealing structure
03. PLC programmable controller
04. Precise control and large dosing capacity
05. It can be widely used in a variety of industries


Multi class liquid storage and mixing are widely used

It is applicable to the mixing and storage of solid-liquid mixtures such as PAM / PAC / sodium hypochlorite and other water treatment agents, glass water, antifreeze, liquid fertilizer and so on.


Full Automatic PE Mixing Drum For Industrial Sewage Treatment 0