Hand Sanitizer Detergent Liquid Mixing Tank PE Dosing Bucket

Place of Origin China
Brand Name DFspeed
Minimum Order Quantity ≥10 pcs
Price Negotiable
Delivery Time 7 work days
Payment Terms T/T
Supply Ability 500 barrels per day
Product Details
Name Liquid Mixing Tank Material PE
Size 820*820*1060mm Thickness 5mm
Volume 0.7m² Capacity 500L
Weight 15Kg Condition New
Application Medicine Processing
High Light

Detergent Liquid Mixing Tank


Hand Sanitizer PE Liquid Mixing Tank


PE Dosing Bucket 500L

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Product Description

Hand Sanitizer Detergent Liquid Mixing Tank PE Dosing Bucket


Introduction to production process

Introduction to rotational molding process
The principle of rotational molding process is to first add the plastic into the mold, and then the mold rotates continuously along the two vertical axes and heats it. Under the action of gravity and heat energy, the plastic in the mold is gradually evenly coated, melted and adhered to the whole surface of the mold cavity, formed into the required shape, cooled and shaped.


Product placement foundation requirements

1. The foundation is horizontal ground and can bear corresponding pressure, and the ground has no protrusion, depression and gravel.
2. If the steel structure platform is used, the contact plane with the barrel bottom shall not be hollowed out, and the steel plate shall be used.
3. When the storage tank is storing chemical liquid, there shall be good drainage ditches and dilution devices around the site.
4. Due to the particularity of the tank production process, the bottom surface of the tank will show a spherical protrusion upward. It is recommended to lay a spherical protrusion consistent with the bottom surface of the tank with sand on the ground foundation. To reduce the stress generated during the deformation of the barrel bottom.


Product reinforcement method

1. When the temperature of the liquid stored in the storage tank is greater than 60 or the specific gravity is greater than 1.2, the anti-corrosion hoop shall be applied to increase the strength of the storage tank to avoid shortening the service life due to the deformation of the storage tank.
2. All metal hoops shall be installed when the tank is not filled with liquid, and the hoop shall have a good fit with the can body.
3. When storing highly corrosive solutions, the hoop device is recommended to be made of stainless steel or other anti-corrosion materials.


Installation and use of accessories

1. Plastic threaded joints, splints and other devices connecting pipe fittings shall be tightened before water test, and waterproof raw material tape shall be added at the thread.
2. When storing chemical liquid, the storage tank should not be placed outdoors for a long time. The service life of the storage tank will be greatly reduced by exposure to the sun.
3. The storage tank shall be equipped with an exhaust port when storing volatile liquid.
4. During flange connection, ensure that the connected flanges are flush.
5 when flange connecting equipment, such as centrifugal pump, etc., soft connection and other damping devices must be installed between them.


Liquid Mixing Tank Model Shape Diameter Height Weight KG
Dosing tank MC-1000L Cylinder 1020 1400 25
MC-500L Cylinder 790 1170 16
MC-300L Cylinder 710 980 14
MC-200L Cylinder 580 960 8
MC-100L Cylinder 460 795 4.5
MC-80L Cylinder 460 610 4
MC-40L Cylinder 315 418 2.5
KC-200L Cuboid 565*565 790 12
KC-120L Cuboid 375*430 790 6.5
KC-80L Cuboid 390*340 690 4.5
KC-40L Cuboid 390*340 410 2.5

Hand Sanitizer Detergent Liquid Mixing Tank PE Dosing Bucket 0Hand Sanitizer Detergent Liquid Mixing Tank PE Dosing Bucket 1